Escape from the Dark is a simple, yet elegant dungeon crawl game that will remind you of a “Choose you own adventure” or “Fighting Fantasy” book from your childhood.

Each player takes the role of someone wrongfully imprisoned in the dreaded Dark Castle, whose catacombs and dungeons are filled with death dealing traps and monsters.  Setup is quick, completed in 5 minutes and the game should take between 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

Here is what the setup looks like for a solo play-through I attempted this afternoon:

The game revolves around the Chapter deck, made up of 15 cards, each card represents a room in which an event or monster is triggered to thwart your attempted escape.  At the bottom of the deck, if you make it that far, is a deadly boss who will do its best to make sure you do not leave the Dark Castle.

The game is played co-operatively, where the party decides who will flip each card/walk into a new room first.  That person may bear the brunt of whatever is behind the “door”. This creates the opportunity for strategic group planning such as: which character has the least damage, who is the best equipped with items (which are found throughout your adventure).

Gorgeous artwork and rich prose drive the narrative forward, creating a fantastical and pleasantly satisfying adventure powered by a very simple yet dynamic combat system.


This game can be enjoyed by young and old alike.  Escape The Dark Castles has an easy charm that makes the game a winner and a great way to spend time with family or go for a solo adventure

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