Looking for something less “time intensive”, try the 5 Minute Yoga app. Specifically designed for spur-of-the-moment yoga, 5 Minute Yoga has a multitude of stretches and flows perfect for those with limited time or attention spans when it comes to working out. Each video is no longer than five minutes, making it easy to fit in a stretch whenever you have time and you will still reap the benefits of yoga! Improve flexibility, increase strength, tone your muscles and reduce stress. Each pose has clear images and detailed instructions making it ideal for beginners and more experienced yogis alike.


This app is free to download and you get access to daily 5-Minute Yoga sessions. You have the option to upgrade to Premium which gives you access to all exercises, over 300 sessions, and the ability to listen to your own music.

One Time Purchase – $13.99 unlocks everything

Subscribe – $2.99 / month OR 9.49 / year

Download this app from either Google Play for your Android or from the App Store for iOS!

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