Although summer hasn’t officially arrived, the warm weather definitely has us being outside and looking to be more active.  As the different parts of our country start to open up, we still need to ensure we are practicing healthy habits, such as physical distancing.

Boating is a great summer activity that you can do with your family that can allow for physical distancing.  And there are many different options that you can choose from, if you don’t have or want a motor boat.  “Human Powered Boats”, are a great entry point into water activities.  These include kayaks, canoes and standup paddle boards (SUP). Not only do these offer a form of exercise, they are less expensive to purchase or rent and they are environmentally friendly (as no gas is used). Check out your local marine stores, outdoors stores or certain big-chain retailers for their selection to purchase or go to your local boat rental.  And don’t forget to pick up all the equipment, both standard and safety, you will need for your new or rental watercraft.

One of the best things about these types of watercraft is that they allow you to explore waterways that a motor boat is not always able to get into.  Being able to go into shallower water, checking out the fish and other water animals swimming by you as they are not frightened by a motor, getting closer to shore to see the animals that have come to the shore for a drink, listening to the sounds of nature are all favourite parts of the experience when you are out paddling.

While we may not be able to take physical classes at this time, there are resources and videos online that can assist you in gathering knowledge about paddling. Check out:

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Feeling more adventurous and want to explore Canada in a more unique, back-to-nature way, then look into a paddling vacation. Check out these top spots in Canada.

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Or explore the local lakes, rivers and canal systems in a House Boat. These offer a unique vacation alternative to renting a cottage.

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