Some say running can be addictive. Some have a love / hate relationship with it. While others won’t even touch it with a 6-foot pole! Truth is, if you are able to do it, running is a great activity to do on your own, especially during these difficult COVID-19 times when social distancing is a real thing and you can’t just throw your shoes on, grab your gym bag and head out to your favourite exercise class. Running can be a wonderful alternative to what you were once doing when you could exercise in large groups. Even more than that, running allows you to get outside, be in nature and to really feel the cool breeze on your face and fresh air in your lungs.

If running is new to you, there are a number of resources you could use to really set you off on the right foot and ensure you ease into it and avoid injury. If you are an experienced runner and lacing up your running shoes is an everyday occurrence, then these apps could give you that extra edge when it comes to your running game.

No matter your experience, these walking and running apps might meet your needs during these trying times. The following apps are available for no charge and offer at least a portion of their features without having a paid subscription. Track your progress, explore new routines and keep your body moving with guidance and extra support!


Nike Run Club

Like their shoes, Nike Run Club is one of the most popular running apps available, especially if you have an Apple Watch, which allows you to get stats and feedback during your runs without carrying your phone! You can connect to Apple Music or Spotify right from the app to gain access to curated playlists that are specific for your runs. This free app offers GPS tracking, audio-guided workouts, weekly and monthly distance challenges to keep you motivated and personalized coaching plans. If you are a social runner, and are really missing running with your friends, Nike Run Club app gives you the opportunity to compete with friends and cheer one another on during runs and collective challenges. From guided runs to a My Coach option that allows you to choose a workout plan ranging from four to eight weeks, Nike Run Club provides it all!

Download Nike Run Club from the App Store for iOS and from Google Play for Android.


Map My Run

Map My Run is an app that has been around the block a few times. First debuting as a way to measure running routes, this app now offers runners additional helpful and fun features. You can still use it to track your runs and find preloaded local running routes, but you can also get feedback on your running status to improve performance, you can input your running shoes and the app’s Gear Tracker will notify you when it is time to replace them, and you can join the Map My Run community to connect with fellow runners so you can stay motivated with fun and engaging running challenges. Since it is available for both iOS and Android, MapMyRun is compatible with other popular apps and devices which allows you to sync your data with gadgets like your Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin and more. You will need to download the free account to get started and then will have the option to begin a 14-day free trial, which unlocks a whole suite of additional features, including live tracking, audio coaching, training plans and more.

Download MapMyRun from the App Store for iOS and from Google Play for Android.



This app is a great for beginners! New runners love how C25K 5 K Trainer took them from couch potato to the finish line of a 5K race in 8 weeks. This app has pre-designed training plans that guide you through various workouts each week and, for beginners, some of these programs  start with a combination of walking and running, which allows you to gradually build up your strength and stamina, giving you the confidence to run longer and longer distances and make running a regular habit. Like Running by Daily Burn, you will get verbal feedback as you are running to keep you motivated to stick with the training and the app will keep track of your progress and running routes.

Download C25K 5 K Trainer from the App Store for iOS and from Google Play for Android.


Running by Daily Burn

If you have already visited Homewurx Yoga section, you may have seen the review on Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn! This app is great if you are a runner of any fitness level and love in-your-ear coaching! You can choose from interval, outdoor, treadmill, tempo, distance runs, free runs and more. The app also allows you to choose time or distance to run on your own while the app tracks your progress and sets a pace for you. For the app to curate your runs for you, it will prompt you for your running goals. When you sign up, you will answer questions about what you want to accomplish (for example get faster, build endurance, etc.) and how often you want to workout per week. With guided warm-ups and stretches to prevent injury, and the ability to share your best runs with others, this app really offers it all.

Download Running by Daily Burn from the App Store for iOS.


Zombies, Run!

This app is definitely in a category of its own! Although it is an app consisting of training plans where you can track your runs, the app incorporates a narrative game into your running routine! This makes it fun and a little different than other apps. Upon downloading the app, you are introduced to the zombie-story line where you are given missions in the form of walking, jogging or running in the real world. You can listen to the story and your own music at the same time as you use your cardio routine to save the world! Zombie Apocalypse aside, the app offers training programs ranging from 5km expert to marathon beginner and provides statistics on your progress. For those of you that are like me and enjoy being slightly distracted during a run, this is the app for you! It turns exercise into more of a game!

Download Zombies, Run! from the App Store for iOS or from Google Play for Android.

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