If you are still feeling slightly skeptical about this whole meditation thing or thinking that meditation is ‘good for everyone else’, but not really for me, here is an App to check out!

10% Happier is an App developed for the meditation skeptic who is unsure of the whole idea of meditating and perhaps even thinking it is some ‘hippy dippy namaste practice’ that isn’t for them. Based on a book of the same name by Dan Harris, the 10% Happier App features a diverse group of teachers, including scientists and traditional meditation teachers, and a growing library of instructional videos and audio meditation. Topics include sleep, anxiety, stress and becoming more productive. 10 % Happier prides itself on its ‘no b**s***’ approach. It still discusses serious emotional issues, but does it with a sense of humour and relatability and few of the trappings that have historically turned a lot of people away from meditation.


Download the App here for iOS

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