A meditation app perhaps not quite as well known as the previous three is buddhify. This app is renowned for encouraging users to fit meditations into their daily routines. To accomplish this, the attractively designed and user-friendly app provides guided meditation exercises targeting different situations in your daily routine, such as ‘being online’, ‘at home’, ‘pain & illness’ and many more. For each situation, the user can choose from 3-6 exercises that vary in length ranging from 4 minutes up to 30 minutes. As an additional feature, buddhify includes a solo meditation timer with no meditation guidance. If you are a more experienced meditator, this allows you sit in silence and be assured that the app will let you know when your time for meditating is up. Like other apps, buddhify allows you to follow your meditation progress over time using a personal meditation tracker. If this is your first time or are relatively new to meditating, buddhify does NOT offer training or a familiarization path, like some of the other apps out there. However, it does offer hundreds of specific meditations led by a multitude of teachers, targeted at your moment to moment emotions and experiences. Buddify is a perfect meditation app to fit into the busy modern lifestyle of those already acquainted with mindfulness and who have previous knowledge of meditating.


Initial purchase of the app is $6.99 CAD. There is now an option to deepen your meditation with a buddhify Membership, offering a range of features and benefits designed to help you get more out of your meditation with a focus on depth, learning and community.

Annual – $30 USD / year

Download the App here for iOS

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