Headspace is one of the most well-known meditation apps.  It offers a wide variety of meditations and the App creators and contributors are really focused on the journey of meditating. From fully guided meditations to mini-meditations, sleep sounds to SOS meditations for emergencies, Headspace is easy to navigate and welcoming for any age. Speaking of any age, Headspace has also created mediations for kids, complete with animations to help the practice of meditating be better understood. If you choose Headspace, your journey could include a 30-day meditation pack focusing specifically on anxiety or 2-minute quick ‘S-O-S’ Sessions designed to help you in moments of high anxiety or stress.  If you are new to meditating or are looking for an App that won’t overwhelm you with endless options, Headspace is a great app for you! It is simple to use, easy to navigate and has straight forward meditation options.


It is free to download the app. With Headspace Plus, you will receive a full Library with themed courses, a new meditation every day, sleep sounds and bedtime exercises.

Annual – first 2 weeks free and then $69.99 / year

Monthly – first week free and then $12.99 / month

Download the App here for iOS

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