Insight Timer is another heavy hitter when it comes to the meditation app space. This app allows you the freedom to pick and choose your meditation journey depending on how much time you intend to meditate, what style meditation you’re in the mood for or to just set a timer and sit in a meditative state without guidance. Insight timer prides itself on having the largest free library of guided meditations, with the most experienced mindfulness teachers contributing to various meditation categories. If you choose Insight Timer as your ‘go-to’ meditation app, you will find topics on reducing anxiety and stress, increasing loving kindness, mindful body scans, and various sleep meditations and sleep music. In addition, you can track and chart your meditation progress and earn badges that keep you coming back for more.


It is free to download the app. With an Insight Timer Member Plus subscription, you can take your practice to the next level by unlocking with hundreds Insight Courses from the world’s best teachers, curate personal meditation collections to enjoy privately or share with friends, have access of offline listening, high quality audio and use Insight Timer’s advanced Audio Player.

Annual – first 30-day free trial with no commitment and you can cancel at any time within those 30 days. Afterwards, the cost is $60 USD / year, with 50% of all income on the site being shared with Insight Timer teachers.

Download the App here for iOS


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