If this is your first-time trying yoga or you are still relatively new to yoga, Pocket Yoga is the ideal app for you. Many new yogis may get stopped at even trying yoga because of all the poses. If this resonates with you, Pocket Yoga is the perfect place to start as it offers an extensive ‘pose dictionary’ that breaks down every pose so you can really understand the pose and be sure you are getting it right. In addition, Pocket Yoga offers a variety of classes that range from as little as 5 minutes to a full hour at various difficulty levels. The app uses an animated instructor and does not require an internet connection, giving you the ‘flexibility’ (pun intended!) to practice anytime, anywhere.


Pocket yoga has an app purchase of $3.99. After that there are no further In-App purchases required to access the full app.

Download this app from either Google Play for your Android or from the App Store for iOS!

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