Dave H. is the … well, we’re not sure what he does exactly but he has been with PlaySafe Productions since the beginning! When he doesn’t have his head buried in the edit suite or managing PRE | PRODUCTION | POST or isn’t coming up with new creative for various project campaigns, he can be found out and about with Anna-Leigh (his Shelby GT350R Mustang). Like any love affair, Dave works hard for his money and then it goes straight to Anna-Leigh! Dave loves to hear the words “Let’s do something fun and creative!”, but he hates to hear the words “We’ll fix it in post!”

Ted R. is the President of PlaySafe Productions and is getting close but has not yet succumbed to ‘covid crazy’. Everyone was sure he was about to ‘cross over’ when he decided to get a new ‘covid-doo’, courtesy of PlaySafe Senior Project Manager, Stephanie R, and a set of hair clippers. Ted enjoys boating (he is the creator and past host of PowerBoat Television) and flying small airplanes … both activities, interestingly enough, offering the ultimate in social separation!

Cheryl G. is a Project Manager with PlaySafe Productions with years (and years and years) of marketing, advertising and product management experience. She is a “crazy” hockey mom/aunt/cheerleader and when she isn’t freezing in an arena, you can find her playing with her dog, working in her garden, working out at the yoga/crossfit studio or baking in the kitchen with her child.

Mary N. is the Office Manager of PlaySafe Productions with years of accounting, customer service and administration experience. She is the animal whisperer of the office and just recently rescued an adorable dog, Teddy, much to the chagrin of the backyard squirrels. Mom to two beautiful daughters who are well into their University years, Mary is now getting used to being an empty nester and suffering from ‘mal-tuition’. When she isn’t spending time spoiling her favourite office dogs, Mary enjoys being outside with Teddy, getting together with friends for dinner, watching both new movies and Netflix originals, reading current bestsellers, making delicious coffees in the morning and taste testing fine wines from all over the world in the evening.

Stephanie R. is a long-time Senior Project Manager with PlaySafe Productions and has, in the recent years, spent most of her work time in remote, northern fly-in communities across Canada’s high arctic where she has been establishing a lifejacket and cold-water awareness education program for youth. When she isn’t in the north, Stephanie, also a yoga teacher, likes road tripping in her van, VANna White, hiking the Adirondack Mountain Range with her dog Riley and travelling to warmer climates where she can experience new cultures, meet new people and have new experiences. Unfortunately, COVID has put a temporary halt on both her work in the north and her travel adventures. For the time being, she has been spending her time finding creative ways to get outside, stay active with Riley, create inspiration that opens new worlds of adventure for others and finally getting around to finishing her pilot’s licence!