Some people avoid reading because of a dislike for the physical process of picking up a book. After a long day, the small text and necessary concentration can be challenging even for people who love books.

There is something to be said for that new book smell and the ability to hold something tangible, but audiobooks provide a nice break from physically reading. Instead, someone reads to you. It requires a different type of focus that is often easier to find.

With audiobooks, when you want to read but are too tired for the process, you will have an option to stick in headphones and get a similar experience.


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Also, check out our HomeWurxFree Stuff  page as Audible has made a selection of Audible Originals free for the listening!!

With eBooks, you don’t even need to leave your house to buy new titles or borrow them from your local library. You can purchase them directly from a digital bookstore and download them instantly to your device. Even libraries now offer digital eBook lending, so you can instantly download titles for free without ever having to visit the library. You can acquire an entire library of new books on your eReader while still wearing your pajamas or sitting on your couch.

There are many reasons why readers may want to give eBooks a try. They provide more versatility than print and have many advantages that make the reading experience easier and more enjoyable. It doesn’t matter how you choose to read your books. The important thing is that you keep reading!


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Canada’s biggest bookstore is online!

All of their retail locations are temporarily closed until further notice, however, as they strive to stay connected during this time, they’re taking the in-store experience…online. You can join them on Instagram live for conversations with your favourite authors, artists, and musicians by following them @indigo & @indigokids.

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