Many people are adapting their regular socializing with friends and neighbours to fit the current situation and still having cocktail and dinner parties. This article will provide some great information about how to organize your own cocktail party

Virtual dinner parties have recently taken off, and there are a large variety of ways to do it.  You can all cooking the same recipe (complete with wine paring) and compare notes much like a book club. If you are insistent on being the host, you could cook for your guests and deliver the meals to their door steps ready to pop in the over.  Or try dinning out IN by individually ordering from a local restaurant (the restaurant will appreciate the business), dining in with friends is a great social way to spend an evening at a distance.


Have a virtual house party.


If you are have always enjoyed hosting  house parties, consider the Houseparty App. It has recently jumped from number 304 to number 2 in the apple store. The Beauty of Houseparty is that you can not only throw a party with your friends, you can also plan games together like Pictionary, Heads Up and Quick Draw. And if things get a little competitive you wont need to go to another room to calm down.

The word trivia refers to unimportant things…trivial in nature. But for many people the game of Trivia if far from trivial.  It got a huge revival through the board game trivial pursuit and today, games of trivia are played at parties, in bars and pretty much anywhere a group of people can be gathered.

In today’s new normal social distancing there are many ways that people can socialize and play trivia games. One is to join in with established games. A quick search will likely find one or two that are online and recruiting players. You can form teams separated physically but all playing on the same side.   If you want to skip the local search, here are some alternatives.

HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia launched in August 2017 and it grew quickly in popularity by persuading mobile users to log in at specific times twice a day for a chance to win cash prizes. At one point, HQ Trivia was drawing millions of players daily, with each episode offering 15 minutes of multiple-choice questions covering a range of topics. After shutting down in Feb 2020, it has been relaunched and it is an easy way to start playing trivia with others.

Create your own

There are many web sites that provide individuals with opportunities to join existing communities of trivia players and others with formats / instructions on how to create custom made trivia questions and information about how to create their own online experiences with family and friends.  Here are a few quiz programs ready to join or build your own.

QuizUp is a free, award-winning multiplayer trivia game. Challenge friends and meet new people who share your interests.


Triviaplaza offers quizzes on Pop Music, Movies, Geography, Science, Computers, Literature, Classical Music and more.


Build your own.

You will find plenty of sites that will help you make your own quizzes and use established online platforms to play with family and friends. Here are a few.

Trivia Maker: One of the most popular sites is Trivia Maker that helps you create and host your own trivia games.

Sporacle offers help on making online quizzes, invite others to take your quiz and how they do.


Bingo meets Trivia

Answer random questions and compete against other people in real time in this trivia-filled fresh take on the classic game of Bingo.

There are a number of platforms through which to handle your event. We have collected a few that are the most command and offer basic free services. Some offer a more robust, paid version which provides extended time and increased numbers of guests you can invite.

Zoom: The Zoom platform is a serious tele-meeting product that in its free version can connect up to 100 people for up to 40 minutes without everyone having to reconnect. The paid version will allow many, many more attendees and you are not limited in time

Face time: This platform is for Apple users and is already on all Apple portable devices … phones and i-pads.  It can handle a large group of participants approaching 40 or more.

Google hang out: google hang out is built into products like Gmail and allows up to 10 people to connect into your party.

Skype: Skype has been around a long time and is a free service for normal person to person contact, however a premiums subscription of $ 10 per month is required to hook in a large group time to talk.