We have such a rich history here in Canada and there are many museums available to share this history with us. Most summers, we get the opportunity to explore these different museums across Canada and learn new pieces of our history.  This summer may be different with virtual tours taking over in place of physical tours.

The National Air Force Museum of Canada in the Quinte area of Ontario is dedicated to telling the history and preserving the pieces of Canadian military aviation.  This museum offers over 75,000 square feet of display space and is attached to a sprawling 16-acre air park.  There are over 35 aircraft on-site for visitors to see, including an early 1900’s airplane, WW1 and WW2 aircraft, post-war aircraft and current day military aircraft.  This museum also has the distinction of possessing the only Halifax Bomber aircraft in North America in its collection.

For anyone who is not aware, the Halifax Bomber was a vital component of the RAF/RCAF Bomber Command’s air offensive over German-occupied Europe during the Second World War. The Halifax was a multi-purpose aircraft, where it participated in missions like bombing and supply drops, as well as in weather and maritime reconnaissance.

Join us on a virtual tour to learn more about the Halifax NA337, what happened on its final mission and the story on how it was restored to its original wartime condition.

The Halifax Bomber Learning Video

To learn more about our rich Air Force history and other air craft in their collection, visit the National Air Force Museum of Canada

Looking to get out of the house for a safe adventure? Now you can with the new Toronto Zoo Scenic Safari. Take a tour around the zoo from the comfort of your own car, with your very own zookeeper commentary to learn about animals as you pass through the variety of zoogeographic areas!

Guests will be able to see the zoo from a whole new perspective, as they drive their own vehicles on staff-only roads, pedestrian walkways, and even through the lion cave in the African Savanna. Keep your eyes peeled at every turn, like you are on a real-life African safari – only this time, it’s with a variety of animals from around the world!

With the spread of the coronavirus appearing to slow across the province, they are set to open their scenic drive-thru experience on Saturday, May 23rd.

Tickets will go on sale at 11 a.m. on Friday, May 22nd and they MUST be purchased in advance.

The drive-thru experience travels 3.4 kilometres and takes around 45 minutes to an hour.

A car with two or less people will cost $32 for zoo members and $44 for non-members. A vehicle with three or more people inside will cost $47 for members and $59 for non-members.

What you need to know:

  • BYOC (Bring your own car) Vehicle dimensions must not exceed 7ft. high or 9ft. wide
  • Safari patrons will not be allowed to leave their car at any point during the Safari
  • Washrooms will only be available prior to the safari
  • The tour is approximately 45 mins
  • Listen to a guided audio tour during your Scenic Safari through their Wild For Life podcast!

For more info click here:


Victoria Who? Virtual Fireworks?

Most people know this long weekend as the May 2-4 long weekend and/or the unofficial kick-off to summer time fun! On the calendar however you might notice it is called Victoria Day, named in honour of Queen Victoria. Victoria was born May 24, 1819. She succeeded to the throne in June 1837 (at the age of 18), following the deaths of her father, King Edward, and her three uncles.

Many people are surprised to know that her first name was not actually Victoria, or that she survived several assassination attempts, or that she began the wedding trend of brides wearing white, or that she and Prince Albert began the custom of the Christmas tree in 1848. Want to know more? Follow the links below for some fascinating facts that you probably didn’t know about the Queen.




On to the Show!!

Since many fireworks displays are cancelled this weekend and even banned altogether in some areas… there are still ways of viewing them!

Canada’s Wonderland has a virtual fireworks display that you can watch from the comfort of your own home. The show features a six-minute video taken at the 2019 display. You can watch as the massive rollercoasters are illuminated by colourful explosions in the sky. You can view the video through YouTube or the virtual fireworks homepage on the park’s website.

Canada’s Wonderland Virtual Fireworks

Park Site: Canada’s Wonderland Fireworks

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJJPCdn1tSM

Before watching the show, why not hop on a few rides as well? Canada’s Wonderland also has virtual rollercoaster rides that you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch.


Watch and/or create your own fireworks display!

These virtual fireworks displays were created with FWsim, the fireworks simulation software. You can use our software to design your own fireworks shows, with your favourite music.


Victory Day Virtual Fireworks Display Port Hope

Monday, 18 May 2020 | 7:45 pm

Snapd Hub App


Help make history by setting a world record for the largest simultaneous augmented reality experience ever!

Join Snapd virtually on Monday, May 18 at 8 p.m. for a fireworks display through their augmented reality app.

Check out this video showing the app in action.

Here’s how you can participate in the free experience:

Step 1: Download the Snapd HUB App

Step 2: Click on Menu and sign in to share pictures with us for a chance to win a pizza party

Step 3: At 7:45 on Victoria Day, click on the AR icon in the App and open the AR Library to access the fireworks.

Step 4: Follow the prompts and enjoy the show.


For more information about the Snapd app, contact: info@snapd.com

Virtual Victoria Day Fireworks presented by Snapd.


The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom in Toronto — although technically we’re not really supposed to be outside enjoying them right now.  Photos of pink buds popping up at Trinity Bellwoods Park are starting to show up on social media because cherry blossom season awaits no one, not even those stuck in the house during quarantine.

A beloved spring tradition, every year thousands of people visit High Park to catch a glimpse of the delicate pink flowers. Sakura trees, also known as cherry blossom trees, are known for their elegance and beauty. Unfortunately, they are also known for their short blooming periods.

This year, as a part of Toronto’s Covid-19 response, High Park is closed for public safety reasons during peak bloom, and to ensure no one misses the annual bloom, they are bringing Spring indoors.

Check in on the continuous livestream of the High Park grove 24 hours a day, and watch the progress of the cherry tree blooms until peak bloom ends. Weather dependent.

Virtual 24-Hour BloomCam

To encourage everyone to stay home and stay safe, Toronto has planned multiple virtual cherry blossom experiences on a variety of social media platforms until peak bloom ends.

Virtual Cherry Blossom Experiences

Our much-loved museums and art galleries may have closed their doors due to the current pandemic, but don’t despair. Tech-savvy curators are getting creative with how the public can access their collections, and many are catering to an online audience with insanely good virtual tours. Take a trip through some of the world’s greatest collections on these virtual museum and gallery tours.


The National Museum of Natural History

One of the world’s most visited museums for good reason, this branch of the Smithsonian is well-versed at keeping kids of all ages entertained and learning.

If your household could use something diverting and educational, head on in and start exploring the fossils, ocean life and even the insect zoo. And for pure eye candy, look at the Gems and Minerals Wing, and the Butterfly Pavilion.

Virtual tours allow visitors to take self-guided, room-by-room tours of select exhibits and areas within the museum from their desktop or mobile device.



The Metropolitan Museum

This is a fantastic opportunity to explore an iconic space in an unprecedented way.

This award-winning series of six short videos invites viewers around the world to virtually visit The Met’s art and architecture in a fresh, immersive way. You can choose to have the gallery all to yourself or experience the hustle and bustle via a time-lapsed space… you can even float above the Met’s cloisters for a bird’s-eye view. Created using spherical 360° technology, it allows viewers to explore some of the Museum’s iconic spaces as never before.



The British Museum

Check out over two million years of history and culture at London’s British Museum with nearly 50 online exhibitions. From the Rosetta Stone to beautiful textiles in the Sainsbury African galleries, there’s plenty to see.

Even the tiniest objects hold their own on its virtual tours. We love that you can view individual pieces, play audio to learn more and search for related works. There’s also a scrolling capability that lets you go back thousands of years.



The Museum of Modern Art

Looking for new discussion topics for your next virtual cocktail party?

Visit these in-depth online galleries and take advantage of the ability to zoom way in on the likes of Georges Seurat’s “The Channel at Gravelines, Evening” and Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” Or check out the newest, coolest exhibit on one of abstractionism’s unsung heroes, Sophie Taeuber-Arp.



Google Arts and Culture

Experience culture in 360°.

Explore paintings, sculpture and architecture in virtual reality. Get up close and personal with the earth’s creatures.  Enjoy having the best seat in the house for performances at iconic venues. Get the full view of fashion trends and travel to infinity and beyond with all things space in 360°.


All the world’s a stage!

If you’re bored of streaming the same-old TV series, step inside some of the most beautiful theatres, concert halls, and opera houses in the world and experience the grandeur and drama of these iconic venues.

The National Theatre

The theatre will be streaming past performances from the vaults for free on its YouTube channel. Starting April 2, a new play will be available to watch every week, beginning with “One Man, Two Guvnors,” starring James Corden.

The National Theatre at Home program will also feature bonus content including cast and creative Q&As and post-stream talks. Other plays to look forward to over the coming weeks include “Jane Eyre,” “Treasure Island” and Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” starring Tamsin Greig.



Vienna State Opera

Another of the world’s great opera houses, the Wiener Staatsoper, is now streaming previously recorded operas and ballets. Experience great opera and ballet at home – worldwide and for FREE!  Enjoy top-class performances with renowned singers and great conductors in different casts.

After registration at www.staatsoperlive.com the subscription can be booked free of charge until further notice.



Berlin Philharmonic

The legendary Berlin Philharmonic is essentially playing house concerts with no door charge. Register for free 30-day access to the orchestra’s Digital Concert Hall, and you can take in hundreds of stunning performances from your couch.



Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is an Australian icon and one of the busiest performing arts centres in the world.

Even if you’ve never been to Sydney Harbour, you know those soaring white sails, and now’s your chance to take a peek inside.  Tour the Sydney Opera House in 360°.


As Covid-19 continues to spread, more people are self-isolating, practising social distancing or in quarantine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still take in some of the world’s most popular attractions. A number of tourism hot spots are opening a virtual door to their facilities free of charge, allowing the public to enjoy popular locations without leaving their living rooms.

Here are a few virtual “field trips” you can take for free without leaving your home.

The Louvre

Visit the museum’s exhibition rooms and galleries and contemplate the facades of the Louvre. You can browse a selection of virtual tours based on the Louvre’s permanent collections, from the Galerie d’Apollon to its impressive Egyptian antiquities. An expandable mini-map allows you to highlight exhibits you want to see with just a few clicks, and there are detailed descriptions for each room.

Come along on a virtual tour and enjoy the view.


The Vatican

The Vatican is host to hundreds of spectacular artworks, history artefacts and superb architecture. From Raphael’s Rooms to the Sistine Chapel, even going on a virtual tour is an impressive experience. If you have a VR headset, you can get an even closer experience, as the tour is compatible with WebVR.


Sistine Chapel

Instilling a sense of wonder in everyone who enters, the 15th-century Sistine Chapel is most renowned for Michelangelo’s ceiling frescoes. You’ll have them (and the rest of the place) to yourself if you visit virtually.


The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of the most lavish and romantic architectural tributes on earth.  Watch this video to see how the marble exterior seems to change colour throughout the day, from early-morning pinks to dusky blues, while the persistent thrum of tour groups makes the scene that much more realistic.


The Palace of Versailles

Escape to the gilded (and expansive) palace of Versailles, home to French King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette.  Explore their extravagant (separate) bedchambers, saunter through the Hall of Mirrors, gaze at the pastel ceiling of the Royal Opera House and follow the gravel paths of the renowned royal gardens.


Many zoos have closed their doors and exhibits but have set up cameras and livestreams for animal lovers to enjoy during their quarantines.

Numerous other zoos, aquariums and animal sanctuaries offer live animal cameras and other educational and entertaining videos. They’re just a Google search away.

These virtual experiences are themselves extraordinary — fitting substitutes for the real thing when the real thing is temporarily out of reach.


Monterey Bay Aquarium

Studies have found that aquarium-watching helps reduce stress and anxiety, and we’re here to tell you the virtual version is no exception. 10 different live cams capture the activity of jellyfish, sea turtles, penguins, otters, sharks and other sea creatures.



Deep Dives

Immerse yourself in the ocean and your national marine sanctuaries without getting wet! These virtual reality voyages use 360-degree images to highlight the amazing habitats, animals, and cultural resources you can find in each national marine sanctuary.



Ripley’s Aquarium

Like many businesses, the aquarium has temporarily closed as a safety precaution due to COVID-19. You may not be able to wander past the tanks, but you can still get up close to the aquatic life.

Dive Shows are a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the animals in their habitat featuring a diver who communicates with the educators as well as the audience.



Watch the Shark Camera – Live Cams so you can swim with sharks from your couch!!



The Toronto Zoo

With schools closed and most families stuck at home, why not take a virtual trip to the Toronto Zoo? Although the zoo is closed to visitors due to COVID-19, staff are still working hard to make sure all the animals stay happy and healthy.

Every day at 1 p.m. they’ll bring the zoo to you through Facebook Live sessions with staff, keepers and– of course, the animals.



The San Diego Zoo

The USA’s most visited zoo — with more than 3,500 animals in residence — was a pioneer in the world of open-air habitats and remains a leader in conservation science. You can watch a number of its most beloved inhabitants — from koalas to penguins to tigers and elephants — on livestreams.



Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo animal exhibits are among the best in the world with the entire Singapore zoo campus extending 28 hectares in a jungle garden. It consists of four “open concept” parks that you can explore — Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park.



Kansas City Zoo

The Kansas City Zoo in Missouri offers an even more specialized virtual visit — 24/7 coverage of the penguin exhibits. All penguins, all the time!



Earth Cam

From elephants, rhinos, giraffes, birds of prey to meercats.  EarthCam presents a collection of the best zoo and animal cams from all over the world!



PUPPIES!  Who doesn’t love puppies!  Live from the Halifax Humane Society, enjoy live views of these lovable puppies!



Bald Eagles

Located in beautiful British Columbia, the Hancock Wildlife Foundation’s mandate is to use live streaming wildlife video to promote the conservation of wildlife and its habitats through science, education, and stewardship. Click on the following link to live stream their four bald eagle nests – Delta 2, White Rock, Harrison Mills and Surrey Reserve.




If you’ve ever been on safari, you know that few experiences rival those adrenaline-fuelled rides through unfamiliar terrain in search of the Big Five. But SafariLive comes close. Track lions, leopards and hyenas as you make your way around herds of wildebeest and elephants, all while expert rangers fill you in about what you’re seeing.

Join a LIVE safari and search for critters of the South African bushveld! Twice a day the expert guides take you on a virtual safari experience. Interact with your guide by asking questions through the comments section.


Choosing the right university is a big decision that normally would be happening right now. However, university tours have been cancelled due to COVID-19 and students are left without the benefit of checking out their chosen universities, and are understandably concerned. But there are other ways to learn about these schools.

Universities and students alike are now trying to adapt to a new normal. Virtual tours have replaced in-person ones, information sessions are held over Zoom, and students will likely have to make difficult choices about the next four years of their educations without ever setting foot on a campus or meeting a representative in person.

Many universities are offering virtual tours to help students (and parents) explore the campuses and get their questions answered in order to help them choose a school for next year.



British Columbia




Manitoba and Saskatchewan




Atlantic Canada