Whether you are building a birdhouse from scratch or painting a pre-made store bought birdhouse, these make great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts.


Building a birdhouse from scratch can be very satisfying for kids. Their creativity can expand as they design it and create the templates for cutting the wood. Just remember that any power tools being used do need adult supervision.  And here are a few websites that have several different styles of birdhouses that are easy to make.  Check them out and find the design your child(ren) want to make.

Build a Birdhouse in 7 easy steps

Free Birdhouse Plans


The pre-made designs available in stores are still great activities for kids, especially if there is no access to the power tools needed to cut the wood. They can still add their own personality to these when they use any combination of their favourite colours as they paint them. Order your pre-made house and any paint supplies from your favourite local art supply store or Michaels website.



And don’t forget the Bird Seed Mix.  You can find bird seed mix at any pet store, in the pet section at most grocery stores or you can make your own from bulk ingredients.  All you will need is:

Sunflower Seeds – raw and a mix of in-shell and hulled

Peanuts – non-salted, in shells, crushed, whole

Cracked Corn

White Millet

Dried Fruit – raisins, cranberries, apple (torn in smaller pieces), blueberries

The Sunflower seeds and peanuts are the main mix, with the corn and millet about 1/2 of the amount.  The dried fruit will only be about 1/8 of the amount of the sunflower seeds.

If you are looking for more feeding ideas, the Farmer’s Almanac has a great reference list of what seeds which bird likes to eat.  This way you can “customize” your feed to bring your favourite birds to your birdhouse.

Seed Guide for Wild Birds


Looking for craft ideas for the whole family?  Parents.com is a great reference site when looking for craft ideas for any age.  With ideas for children as young as 1 yrs old, to ideas for teenagers, you and your child(ren) will definitely find new and fun ideas to try.

So pull out all those old, broken or unused crayons and try making cray-doh or special lanterns.  Check out the link below to see the full instructions on these ideas and 7 other craft ideas for old crayons.

Craft Ideas