Prefer to get all your tips and information in one place?  There are a few good websites that offer a wide array of information for you and your pet.



This is a great site for all pet owners.  They provide tools, tips and insights you need to keep your pet(s) in the best of health at any & every stage of your pet’s life.  All the information is created by veterinarians.



PEtfinder is not only a great website to search for animals in shelters and rescues who are looking for their forever home, but they offer great tips, tools and insight for the care of dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and small furry pets.



This is another site that was created by veterinarians as a one-stop place to get all the information about your pet. They do offer an online chat with a veterinarian if you have a question about your pet.

Having more time at home offers up the opportunity for pet owners to spend quality time, which can include playing, exercise and training.  There are many different options online for training, many with expertise and the qualifications to help you.  We have rounded up some of the best online sources for pet training, whether you are just starting the process with a puppy, cat or parrot or wanting to build on classes you have already had with an older dog.


Good as Gold K9 School

They have been in the business of dog training for 21 years, and offer a variety of different classes, from puppy training, obedience, rally obedience and agility.  They are posting “Opportunity Training” videos on their Facebook page as they see this time of social distancing as a way for a dog owner to work on different training techniques with their dog, no matter the age.


McCann Dogs

McCann professional dog trainers have over 36 years of experience working with families to train their dogs. Their instructors, whether they’re full or part-time, are here to help you teach your dog to have good manners and skills. Their skills are broad and deep, reaching well beyond the scope of general obedience. These trainers and their dogs actively participate in agility, flyball, obedience, field work, herding and lure-coursing competitions, to name just a few.


They have a few online options for training online:

  1. Their Online Home School
  2. Training tips on their Youtube channel
  3. Training tips on their Blog




Emily Larlham is a world renowned dog training expert, and on her YouTube channel she shares her knowledge in simple, step-by-step videos.  There are many free videos available, and there is the option to join as an exclusive member to receive access to videos and information not available to the public


Domesticated Manners

Watch Chirag Patel, who is a soft-spoken trainer as he using his “out of the box” techniques to teach you new ways to train and help your pet, whether you have a dog, cat parrot or turtle.


Clicker Training

The Karen Pryor Clicker Training was founded in 2001, and has become a leader in the field of animal training.  Using a marker-based positive reinforcement or clicker training technique as an effective, safe and humane way to teach your pet (cat or dog) any behaviour.


CBC Life’s Dog Training Series

Danielle Hodges is a certified professional dog trainer and created the dog training series with CBC Life.  The YouTube channel offers a variety of different instructional videos that are short and easy to follow.


The Dog Trainer, Quick and Dirty Tips

Jolanta Benal is a professional dog trainer providing clear and simple explanations in articles that are informative and easy to read.  Her articles cover a wide range of topics, so you should be able to find any training answer you are looking for.



Looking to purchase training books to help you at home?  While Amazon or Chapters may have a great selection, what are the better ones to choose?  Dogwise is the website many professional dog trainers go to and order their materials from.  With a selection of DVD’s, books, online webinars or CD’s, you will find what you need to assist with your level of training expertise.

Have you ever thought about just what your dog or cat is eating?  Have you ever thought about making homemade treats for them to enjoy.  We have found several great sites and videos that offer simple and easy to follow recipes that your fur baby will love to eat.



Learn how to make homemade treats for your cat or dog.  All the recipes are easy to follow. And they give explanations to why specific foods are being used in each recipe, to ensure that the food is pet friendly.



This blog site did all the research for you. Enjoy their favourite 25 quick and easy recipes. Best part, these all have 5 ingredients or less.  They have a brief description of the recipe with a link to the full recipe as needed.


The Cookie Rookie

This traditional chef offers 5 different recipes that her cat and dog LOVE.  Each recipe is easy to follow, and comes with a story on how/what made her make these treats the first time.



No matter what your skill level in the kitchen is, offers a wide variety of recipes to try.  And the ones they have for pet treats look so good, you just may want to try a bite yourself.


Carrot Chia Pet Treats:

Homemade Cat Treats:

Puppy Pumpkin Pie Treats:

Meaty Cheese Corn Bones:

Many groomers are either closed or have shortened their hours, meaning many pet owners are needing to take care of routine grooming at home.  Here are a few good sites that offer great tips and step-by-step videos for the beginner to expert home groomer.



This is a great site for any pet owner, offering grooming and care tips for a wide range of pets.  All information provided is written by veterinarians, to ensure you are receiving the most detailed and current information for your pet.



Created by veterinarians, this site offers grooming tips for dogs and cats as well as care guides for small pets and reptiles.



Emily Larlham is a world-renowned dog training expert. On her YouTube channel, she offers videos with tips for grooming and nail trimming



Created by a community of pet experts, this YouTube channel offers useful tips and videos for grooming your dog or cat, in addition to other great pet owner tips