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Welcome to the HomeWURX Forum. This is a place to share, stay connected and motivate each other. These are unusual times and many of us are having to find new routines for exercise, ways of working at home, keeping the kids busy and dealing with a completely different daily structure. Not having others to workout with, share ideas, plan a child's day or learn new skills can be daunting. You are left to be your own instructor and motivate yourself to make each day the best it can be. Don’t worry… you are not alone and right now, during this COVID-19 crisis, it’s the perfect time to see what you are truly capable of when it comes to self-motivation, being productive and staying active. Please join a discussion or simply follow along.
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HomeWURX Forum



Staying home doesn’t mean we have to miss spending quality ‘face’ time with friends and family. They are simply moving online.
This is the place to share how you are keeping connected socially and participating in online activities



Through the HomeWURX Food forum, you can discover new recipes from others and share some of your own. It’s the perfect place for you to share ideas you’ve gathered on how you shop for groceries now, what some of your favourite ready to make meals are and tips on how to get creative around meal times. Food has a way of bringing everyone together. These days, the “bringing everyone together” may look a little different than it has in the past. With online dinner parties and virtual gatherings, we can be sure that we are still in this together.



The HomeWURX Cleaning forum is a place to share your tips, tricks and “age old wisdom” on ways that you are keeping your house clean. Share with us and others your strategies for decluttering, organizing and cleaning. Looking for advice and tips on your DIY projects, this forum is the place to ask others. We can all learn from each other and expand our individual “tool box” of information and techniques!


Exercise & Staying Active

This HomeWURX Exercise & Staying Active forum is a place to share your great ideas and home workout routines, pose questions to others, stay connected and create a sense of community and togetherness while we are physically separated. We can all learn from each other and expand our individual ‘tool box’ of home workouts no matter the circumstances! Let others know what YOU are doing at home to stay active and physically healthy during this time of social distancing and isolation.


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