The Coronavirus has caused a unique set of circumstances for both single people and people in new relationships. With this has also come a change in strategy for the dating apps being used by millions of people. Social distancing means that meeting people now happens online and date nights are spent alone, yet together in a virtual space. For some, this could make dating entirely more complicated or stressful, for others this has made dating easier with less “pressure” of having a first date in person. For others, perhaps the social distancing is allowing for more time to get to know someone in this virtual space before they get to meet them online, ‘face to face’.

For those who are already in a relationship or are married, perhaps going out for “date night” has taken on a whole new meaning? Whatever the case may be for you, this section on HomeWURX has been designed to give you tips and guidance to continue to date and create romance no matter the circumstances. Find tips on what dating apps are doing to accommodate the ‘dating’ scene during social distancing, how to plan a romantic date night in the comfort of you home or yard, how to have a strong connection with your partner even though you may be unable to physically see each other and much more!


How Not to Tank Your Relationship in Quarantine

“This time of isolation could be a period of great growth or great struggle in your relationship.” John TierneyRoy F. Baumeister March 29, 2020 Humans have evolved with a drive to share life with a partner—just not all day long. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors on the savanna formed pair-bonds, but they...
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