We have such a rich history here in Canada and there are many museums available to share this history with us. Most summers, we get the opportunity to explore these different museums across Canada and learn new pieces of our history.  This summer may be different with virtual tours taking over in place of physical tours.

The National Air Force Museum of Canada in the Quinte area of Ontario is dedicated to telling the history and preserving the pieces of Canadian military aviation.  This museum offers over 75,000 square feet of display space and is attached to a sprawling 16-acre air park.  There are over 35 aircraft on-site for visitors to see, including an early 1900’s airplane, WW1 and WW2 aircraft, post-war aircraft and current day military aircraft.  This museum also has the distinction of possessing the only Halifax Bomber aircraft in North America in its collection.

For anyone who is not aware, the Halifax Bomber was a vital component of the RAF/RCAF Bomber Command’s air offensive over German-occupied Europe during the Second World War. The Halifax was a multi-purpose aircraft, where it participated in missions like bombing and supply drops, as well as in weather and maritime reconnaissance.

Join us on a virtual tour to learn more about the Halifax NA337, what happened on its final mission and the story on how it was restored to its original wartime condition.

The Halifax Bomber Learning Video

To learn more about our rich Air Force history and other air craft in their collection, visit the National Air Force Museum of Canada

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