There are a number of platforms through which to handle your event. We have collected a few that are the most command and offer basic free services. Some offer a more robust, paid version which provides extended time and increased numbers of guests you can invite.

Zoom: The Zoom platform is a serious tele-meeting product that in its free version can connect up to 100 people for up to 40 minutes without everyone having to reconnect. The paid version will allow many, many more attendees and you are not limited in time

Face time: This platform is for Apple users and is already on all Apple portable devices … phones and i-pads.  It can handle a large group of participants approaching 40 or more.

Google hang out: google hang out is built into products like Gmail and allows up to 10 people to connect into your party.

Skype: Skype has been around a long time and is a free service for normal person to person contact, however a premiums subscription of $ 10 per month is required to hook in a large group time to talk.

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