July 1st…Canada Day…this is one of the biggest days Canadians celebrate each year.  Fireworks, parades, music concerts, barbeques, picnics, festivals, this is the day as families and communities we gather together and celebrate.

This year our celebration will look a bit different as many cities are moving their celebrations online into a virtual format.  Canadian Heritage is promoting not 1 but 2 virtual online celebrations for July 1st.  The daytime show “Canada Day Across the Country” will offer a 1-hour virtual tour of celebrations across the country.  The evening show “Canada Day Together” is a 2-hour special, virtual edition of our annual iconic celebration that will include performances by great Canadian artists

Check out more details at:

Online Celebrations in Canada

While you are there, check out the different interactive activity packs that explore history, arts & culture, culinary and outdoor activities.  Make a traditional Canadian dish for the family meal, quiz your friends on Canadian history, train like a Canadian Olympic and Paralympic or create your own Coat of Arms with the kids.

Many communities are joining in and creating their own virtual celebrations as well.  Some communities are listed here or you can check with your local community

Celebrations Across the Country


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