The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom in Toronto — although technically we’re not really supposed to be outside enjoying them right now.  Photos of pink buds popping up at Trinity Bellwoods Park are starting to show up on social media because cherry blossom season awaits no one, not even those stuck in the house during quarantine.

A beloved spring tradition, every year thousands of people visit High Park to catch a glimpse of the delicate pink flowers. Sakura trees, also known as cherry blossom trees, are known for their elegance and beauty. Unfortunately, they are also known for their short blooming periods.

This year, as a part of Toronto’s Covid-19 response, High Park is closed for public safety reasons during peak bloom, and to ensure no one misses the annual bloom, they are bringing Spring indoors.

Check in on the continuous livestream of the High Park grove 24 hours a day, and watch the progress of the cherry tree blooms until peak bloom ends. Weather dependent.

Virtual 24-Hour BloomCam

To encourage everyone to stay home and stay safe, Toronto has planned multiple virtual cherry blossom experiences on a variety of social media platforms until peak bloom ends.

Virtual Cherry Blossom Experiences

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