One of the challenges parents face when home all day, is keeping their child(ren) and themselves busy.  And busy with a variety of different activities.  We all like variety, and doing the same thing each day can become  monotonous.


If you are struggling with new ideas, here are a few good websites that have a wide variety of different activities for different age groups that will keep your kids engaged.


TVO Kids

More than just television programs for kids, this website has many different activities from games, videos, live streaming TV shows to “Learning from Home” to keep kids busy.  They offer “Learning at Home”, where they have partnered with teachers to put together engaging resources to help kids with their learning at home.  This is a great tool to have for preschoolers, as well as your elementary school kids.



CBC Kids

Another great website for kids with a variety of videos, games, quizzes and fun learning facts.

CBC Kids

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