Help ease your child(ren) into a new learning routine as they start their “learning from home” experience.  Here are a few tips to make this transition easier:


  1. Establish and Maintain a Routine – Work with your child(ren) to create a daily routine schedule. This would include wake-up, meals, hygiene, physical activity, school work, technology/fun time and bedtime. Scheduling is truly an amazing skill to move into adulthood already having and this is the perfect opportunity to work with your child(ren) so that creating a schedule becomes second nature and gives them a structure that could allow them to have it all.
  2. Set Time Limits – Within the daily routine for school work, set time limits for each subject/assignment they are working on. Not only is there familiarity with their traditional school day schedule, but if the assignment they are focusing on is long or they are having difficulties completing it, taking a break and moving on to a new subject will help lessen their mental fatigue and the potential for a meltdown. They will learn that coming back to the assignment the next day with a fresh mind will allow them to focus better and see a solution to what may have been their stumbling block.
  3. Start/End Each Day with a Check-In – Have regular daily check-ins with your child(ren). This can help them process the instructions from the teacher(s), organize their work and proceed with their daily schoolwork.  This will also allow you and your child(ren) to identify any questions or learning difficulties and reach out to the teacher.
  4. Monitor Communications from Your Child’s Teacher(s) – With your child(ren), log into their online classroom/school email account regularly to see any announcements, notes and lessons/activities that have been posted by the teacher(s). Learn the online office hours for the teacher in case your child(ren) needs support. Encourage your child(ren) to reach out to their teacher(s) if they have any questions about an assignment.
  5. Create a Physical Space for Learning – Just like you may have a “home office”, create with your child(ren) a space for their learning that has minimal distractions and will allow them to concentrate on the reading/listening/viewing/writing of their assignment.
  6. Encourage Exercise/Physical Activity – Increased physical activity has a positive effect on cognitive functioning, health and learning. Remember to have your child(ren) take breaks from their schoolwork/learning frequently and get active – inside or outside as the weather permits.
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