The warm summer weather is starting to arrive, and the sunny days are perfect for being outside.  This is a great time to encourage your child(ren) to get out and explore, build or create.

Forts are always fun to design and build. Add an “outdoor kitchen” onto the fort and allow for fun dirt creations.  A sandbox can provide hours of fun.  Create a city or race track, using a mixture of materials with the sand like toys or building blocks.

Obstacle courses are not only a create way to promote physical activity, but are very creative as well.  Challenge your child(ren) to use as many different objects in and around the house to create different obstacle courses for the family to do.  Outdoor scavenger hunts are another fun option for exploring the yard, the neighbourhood or a local forest.  Or let their creative flow with different Backyard Games and turn your backyard into a giant board game.

The warmer nights allow us to extend our outdoor activities into the evenings. Turn your backyard into a “drive-in” movie theatre, and invite the neighbours to do the same.  Arrange for a movie night, using a projector and white bed sheet as the screen. Enjoy family campfires, experimenting with different fireside snacks like s’mores or banana boats.

Enjoy making your backyard more fun with these ideas.



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