What are things we can do to bring more physical activity into our lives and move as a family?  Mother Nature still provides the best “medicine” for us.  On warm sunny days, get outside and go for a walk with your family and dog (if you have one). And try taking a different “path” each time you are out.  If you always turn left when you leave your home – turn right the next time and see where the streets take you.  Explore (in a social distancing appropriate manner) different neighbourhoods, take the time to listen to nature as the birds are returning from their winter homes and the furry animals are coming out of hibernation.


Have a driveway or backyard, here are more ideas on activities we can do outside.

  1. Basketball
  2. Hockey “practice”
  3. Playing Catch
  4. Roller Blading/scooter – great on the larger driveways
  5. Yard work/Gardening
  6. Football toss
  7. Soccer (a fence works well for practicing kicks)
  8. Nature Scavenger hunt/Nature Bingo – this is good when out on the walks, have a list or “game” card that you and the kids are trying to fill out with different things in nature in your neighbourhood or yard
  9. Sidewalk Chalk – draw, obstacle courses, leave inspirational messages, shape/letter/number game, tic tac toe (can use beanbags as well)
  10. Jumping Rope
  11. Hula Hoop
  12. Hopscotch (use chalk to design course)
  13. Mini-Golf – create your own course
  14. Games from stores/online – bean bag/cornhole toss, washer toss, ladder toss, croquet, badminton, ring toss, bocceball


The Active for Life website offers a wide range of physical activities that you can do with your child(ren) both inside and outside:

Active For Life


Here are a few additional websites with other outdoor activity  and game ideas:

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