If you are on social media, you have probably seen the meme “Anyone else’s car getting 3 weeks per litre at the moment?” floating around.  And as funny as this is, it is also very true for many of us as our vehicles are staying parked on our driveways for long periods.

Our vehicles are not being used the same way right now – no commuting, no shopping adventures, no travelling distances for sports, concerts or other entertainment, no travelling to visit with family and friends.  And if the vehicles are moving, it is for short trips to the grocery store. Did you know that it isn’t good for a vehicle to sit for a long time?

I spoke with Jim, a local auto mechanic, asking for advice about our vehicles that are sitting, and what care we should be giving them.  He had one main tip:

Drive your car at least once a week, for a minimum distance around 10-15 km. 

Why you ask?  He offers two good reasons:

  1. Brakes – when a car has been sitting for a while there is a risk of rust forming on the brake pads and other brake system components.  And with it being Spring, there is a lot of moisture in the air from late snow falls, rain and the Spring melt in general.  Driving a minimum of once a week will keep the brake system lubed and running smoothly. It will also help reduce any rust that was trying to form on the brake pads.
  2. Battery – batteries that sit too long and are not used, can & will lose their charge.  When you drive your car, this recharges your battery.

And this is why the distance of 10-15 kilometres is recommended, as it gives your vehicle the time to charge the battery and wear off any rust.  So the next time you are out getting your groceries, maybe take a longer way home to give your car the loving care it needs.

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