People are changing their grocery shopping habits amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as day-to-day changes are being made in the stores.  With everyone practicing social distancing and staying at home, they are now turning to the option of ordering their groceries online and picking them up or having them delivered.   It’s a good thing that many of the major supermarkets as well as a number of third-party companies offer this service!


PC Express – Pick Up

Shop your favourite grocery store online with PC Express. Personal shoppers will fill your order and you choose when and where you want to pick it up.  Pick up fees are between $3 and $5.

Choose a pickup location near you – grocery store, transit pick up (available at select TTC and GO stations), self serve pickup (available at select Shoppers Drug Mart, Maxi & No Frills locations) or neighbourhood pickup (a range of pickup locations from trucks to lockers in your local area) and start shopping.

PC Express Pick Up – No Frills

PC Express Pick Up – Zehrs

PC Express Pick Up – Loblaws

PC Express Pick Up – Real Canadian Superstore

PC Express – Delivery

Order fresh groceries online, schedule the delivery and get it delivered to your doorstep.

PC Express – Delivery

PC Express Pickup APP

You can also download the PC Express Pickup App.

PC Express Pickup App



Metro is a family-friendly grocery store that offers all the basics through their online ordering and delivery/pickup system.

Shop online for the same assortment of products as in the store. Order your products in a few clicks.  It’s easy and secure.  Receive your order delivered to your door or pick up for free at your convenience.



This global retailing giant is your go-to for anything and everything including a fantastic range of grocery supplies for everyday usage. Amazon offers one of the most convenient shopping experiences the world has to offer and stocks products to suit every budget too.



Arguably Canada’s most popular online grocery store, Walmart offers everything you need to keep your household running smoothly including all your everyday grocery essentials.

Restock your kitchen cupboards from the comfort of your own home here.



This extremely popular grocery specialist is now offering a home delivery service in Canada.

Skip the line and shop from this members-only club in your PJs, then get two-day delivery, though there’s no guarantee it’ll improve your chances at snagging any toilet paper.


Toronto GTA – Delivery by Neighbourhood

Toronto grocery stores with online delivery and pickup options are a great way to avoid the madness of shopping at bigger supermarkets, and odds are there’s one in your neighbourhood. Not only does ordering from a small business support them, you might just happen upon some great products you wouldn’t have normally.

Here are some local grocery stores offering delivery and pickup options in Toronto.

Delivery by Neighbourhood – Toronto GTA

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