You may have heard the term Vertical Gardening, but just what is that??  In simple terms, it is literally growing plants upwards instead of outwards.  Whether you have a large space for a garden, or a very limited space or want to grow indoors, a vertical garden offers you a different space perspective for growing vegetables and flowers.

If you are planting your vertical garden outside, you can be very creative with what you are using.  Use old fence boards, trellises, arrange pots or boxes in alternating stacks, use shelves or other hanging options to set up pots, even clean PVC pipes or a hanging shoe rack offer garden options.


Vertical Gardening Ideas

How to plant a vertical garden


For an inside vertical garden, you will need a panel or tray system as these types of gardens are hydroponics based.  There are several different styles/makes of a tower style garden available for purchase.  Most of these systems use aeroponics.  This is the process of growing plants in air or mist environment instead of soil and uses water and liquid nutrients within a soil-less medium.  One benefit for a hydroponic garden is less wastage as they have a closed nutrient/water flow. This means no runoff of the water, it stays contained and in constant circulation.


What is hydroponic gardening

Vertical Hydroponics


What are the benefits of a vertical garden over a traditional garden bed?  Well, for one you are not bending down as much to tend to your garden bed.  These types of gardens are considered low maintenance as you don’t need to weed or deal with pests the same way. The harvest yield for vertical gardens can be significantly higher than a traditional garden, especially if you bring the garden inside for the winter as you are now able to grow fresh vegetables all year round.  And vertical flower gardens help bring beauty to “ugly” walls and fences that you may have.


And there is still time to create the vertical garden that is perfect for you.  Get out this weekend and create a new vibrant living vertical space in your yard/balcony/deck.

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