Now that nonessential businesses like nail salons have closed down because of the coronavirus, (some of us personally feel that they ARE essential services … LOL), many are struggling with upkeep during lockdown without the help of professionals. One of the most popular Google topics during this period of quarantine has been “how to take off acrylics,” a service we can no longer take for granted.  Check out this link for manicure tips and how to remove gel polish and acrylic nails at home!

How to Remove Fake Nails at Home and More Nail Tips

And for those at home in self isolation with a little bit of extra time on your “hands”, if you’ve always wanted to learn how to apply acrylic nails yourself – this is the perfect time.  Click the following link for an Acrylic Nail Tutorial – How to Apply Acrylic for Beginners.  And if you mess up, no one will notice as long as you don’t show your hands next time you are talking with friends or family online!

How to Apply Acrylic for Beginners.


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