Living in an apartment does not limit you in enjoying a garden.  You can choose to make it as simple or as complicated as you want.  You can make it seasonal or build up a year-round collection of plants.

One thing to keep in mind when considering what plants to have is how much sun does your balcony get during the day.  Are you north facing and have shade most of the day or south facing with full sunlight.  Do you face east and get the morning sun or are you west facing with the warm afternoon sun.  When you are choosing plants at the local garden centre, be sure to check on how much sun they need daily and choose ones that fit your sun conditions.

There is such a wide variety of container styles these days that allow you to be creative with your space.  Look at the container options that will “hang over” the railing.  These offer a unique canvas to create colourful flower arrangements.  Do consider adding trailing or vine flowers like morning glories, nasturtiums or fuschias to add dimension to your hanging boxes.

If you are placing containers on the ground, consider going with a few larger containers or raised planter boxes instead of lots of smaller containers. The larger containers will give the plants the room their roots need to stay healthy. These containers are also good for the plants that will come inside for the winter.

Also think vertically. Additional space can be created on the walls using shelving or trellises.  Use hooks to hold hanging planters.  Or be creative with wooden crates and build a vertical planter pyramid.  If your balcony is large enough, refurbish an old wooden ladder to create a unique pot holder


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