I think I got my love for growing vegetables from my Grandfather.  He was a market gardener in the Toronto area and had fields of tomatoes, leaf lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, celery and beets across Etobicoke.  Even after he had retired, he still loved growing vegetables in his backyard garden.  He would save the seeds from the “prime” tomatoes he grew and use them the next spring to create new plants. I can remember having a toasted tomato sandwich with one of his beefsteak tomatoes. The tomato was so big you only needed one slice and it covered the whole piece of bread.

Tomatoes seem to be one of the staple vegetables I have always grown.  Starting in pots on the balcony of my first apartment, adding them into planters at the trailer, then growing them in a backyard garden at my house.  Slowly over the years, we have expanded the selection of vegetables in the garden.  It is now a spring routine, where the family talks about what vegetables we want this summer.  Tomatoes are still a staple on the list, but we have started to experiment with different kinds of carrots (heirloom the favourite so far), cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber (seedless english style is the favourite over the field variety), watermelon (that didn’t go well), pumpkin (they grow very well), peppers, cantaloupe (another fail), snap peas (those never seem to make it inside when the child is asked to harvest them), and different kinds of beans (the snake beans were the favourite, but hard to find).

Here is the vegetable selection for our garden this summer.  Will be changing the layout slightly as we now cage part of the garden to keep the rabbits and squirrels out, as they have been loving the beans, carrots and snap pea sprouts.

What is in your vegetable garden this year?

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