Many groomers are either closed or have shortened their hours, meaning many pet owners are needing to take care of routine grooming at home.  Here are a few good sites that offer great tips and step-by-step videos for the beginner to expert home groomer.



This is a great site for any pet owner, offering grooming and care tips for a wide range of pets.  All information provided is written by veterinarians, to ensure you are receiving the most detailed and current information for your pet.



Created by veterinarians, this site offers grooming tips for dogs and cats as well as care guides for small pets and reptiles.



Emily Larlham is a world-renowned dog training expert. On her YouTube channel, she offers videos with tips for grooming and nail trimming



Created by a community of pet experts, this YouTube channel offers useful tips and videos for grooming your dog or cat, in addition to other great pet owner tips

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