You are going to find that in this ‘new normal’ we are faced with due to COVID-19 that you have additional time on your hands that you did not have before. Because of this, you might find that now is the perfect time to learn something new. Instead of listing endless websites for you to sift through on your own, we are providing you with some ideas about and tutorials on what you might want to consider to learn with this extra time you have on your hands.

Things like building your own website, learning a new language, learning magic tricks, learning to paint, how to take beautiful pictures, writing, how to master computer programs (e.g. excel), learning the ropes of successful social marketing, graphic design principles, public speaking…and so much more are right here at your fingertips.

Spend some time thinking what you have always really wanted to do, use this section as a guide and take the first step to accomplishing some of your dreams that you now have time for!

Grooming Tutorials

Renee Does Hair

Meet Renee.  She is a hairstylist in Keswick, ON who is currently out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  She has been doing hair for 6 years and specializes in hair colouring services. Being unable to work on clients in or out of the salon, she has decided to...
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Cleaning Up, Fixing Up … everything

You will likely never get down time like this again and for many it is the perfect opportunity to catch up on all those things that you really wanted to do, but just never found the time to even start. The Home Front Minor home clean ups / fix ups...
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